Server Rates

Server rates are 50x,50x,50x

1% card drops for normal & bosses and 0.10% for MVP cards.

Renewal Server

Utilize the third class like a boss and enjoy the latest content at Shenigan RO.

Beneficial NPC's

Change jobs, reset your skills or warp instantly to dungeons, we got it all!


Want to look good for every situation? Our stylist will handle your new looks.

Vanilla WOE

Join the battlefield with War of Emporium, are you able to defend your castle?

Official + Custom Instances

With up to 39 unique instances to go through there is heaps to discover!

No Donation Items

Shenigan RO will never offer any donation items, because it's more fun earning them in-game.


  • Airship Assault
  • Astral Temple
  • Bakonawa Lake
  • Bangungot Hospital
  • Bios Isle
  • Buwaya Cave
  • Champion Arena
  • Charleston Crisis
  • Clock Tower
  • Devils Tower
  • Dimensional
  • Eclage Interior
  • Endless Tower


  • Endless Cellar
  • Geffen Magic Tournament
  • Faceworms Nest
  • Ghost Palace
  • Hazy Forest
  • Horror Toy Factory
  • Infinite Space
  • Jitterbug
  • LastRoom
  • Lighthauzen
  • Malangdo Culvert
  • Morse Cave
  • New Oz


  • Nydhoggs Nest
  • Octopus Cave
  • Old Glast Heim
  • Orcs Memory
  • Poring Village
  • Room Of Consciousness
  • Sarah And Fenrir
  • Sara Memory
  • Sealed Shrine
  • Sky Fortress
  • Temple Of DemonGod
  • Valhalla Garden
  • Wolfchev Laboratory